Nintendo Switch UI Revealed in Full!

Today, much of the gaming press has been allowed to show various aspects of the Nintendo Switch. Most interestingly, the UI. The Switch’s UI uses a very clean and minimalist design that is a breath of fresh air coming from the Wii U. For example, the UI on the Switch is lightning fast and responsive compared to the slow and sluggish pace of the Wii U’s. The Switch uses a style similar to Sony’s PlayStation 4, with a row of tiles as your games in the center and a bar of useful applications on the bottom. These applications include your News, the album for your screenshots, the Nintendo eShop, a way to manage controllers, your system settings and a sleep mode.

As for creating profiles, it almost couldn’t be easier! Just jump into the settings, go to “User” and then to “Add New User”. After that, simply follow the step by step instructions on how to choose your profile picture and username.

Speaking of profile pictures, you are no longer restricted to having a Mii as the face of your profile. Instead, Nintendo has loaded the Switch with tons of cool Nintendo icons to choose from, although you may still use Miis if you so desire. Whichever you choose, you may also decide the color of the background of your picture.switch_icon1_thumb.jpg

Another interesting detail is that you may choose the theme for your Switch. As of now, there are only the “Basic Black” and “Basic White” themes available, but more themes are expected to roll out as the years go by, although this is only speculation at this point.



Are you excited to see the Nintendo Switch’s UI for yourself? Leave a comment down below, and don’t forget to follow Ninterd News for all sorts of fantastic Nintendo Coverage.


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