How Much Memory Would 30 NES Games Take Up?

Nintendo recently announced the NES Classic Edition with thirty built in games, but how much memory would thirty NES games actually take up? Let’s find out.

To find out how much space thirty NES games would take up, we should first figure out the typical NES game size. NES games typically take up around four megabits of storage per game with the more hefty titles taking up to eight megabits. But what’s a megabit? A megabit is a unit of data size equal to about 1/8 of a megabyte, so even the largest of NES games would only take about one megabyte of storage. Thirty NES games would take at most only thirty megabytes with a more likely calculation being about twenty-three megabytes. Compared to a gigabyte, even 30 megabytes is only 3/10 of the data size of a gigabyte. Most gaming consoles now a days sport a 500+ gigabyte hard drive allowing space for over 65,250 NES games compared to being able to download about 20 current gen titles.

But why is that? Why do modern games take up so much more memory than older retro games? It really just comes down to how complex games are now compared to back then. Obviously, if you want a bigger game with better graphics, it’s going to take up a bit more space than an 8-bit title of the past.





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