Why Does Everyone Have To Like Pokemon GO?

Although I started getting into Pokemon not too long ago, I feel I’ve earned the right to call myself a true Pokemon fan. I started out with Omega Ruby, and I’ve been in love with the Pokemon series ever since. Since completing Omega Ruby, I’ve played X, Platinum, Black (not to be racist) and Blue. Each game was really fun although Blue, admittedly, did feel a little dated. So I undoubtedly have some experience when it comes to Pokemon. So much experience, in fact, that I’m about to level up soon, so when Pokemon GO was announced, I was hyped.

Being able to catch Pokemon in the real world sounded amazing to me. I was more than ready to travel across the land, searching far and wide, to find a Squirtle. Not to mention the freakin’ awesome first trailer! Everything was great. Nothing could ruin my Pokemon fever… or so I thought. When Pokemon GO came out, it was really fun. No glitches or server fails could get me to stop playing that game. There was just one, small problem. No one else could put it down either. All of us Pokemon fans were running around our neighborhoods, going on Pokemon adventures, striving to be the very best like no one ever was. But there were also many people who had never even touched a Pokemon game playing, and that’s what really got to me.

For example, my sister has really gotten into Pokemon GO, someone who never even noted Pokemon’s existence in the past. Pokemon used to be something us nerds played in the corner of the lunchroom while everyone else was checking out the latest Instagram post. Pokemon used to be our thing, but now it feels like anyone with a smartphone can become a Pokemon master. Now I know I should be happy that Pokemon is growing in popularity thanks to Pokemon GO, but I can’t help but be a little selfish. Pokemon was something that was unique and special to us, but now everyone is in love with Pokemon.

This even expands to Nintendo as a whole. With Microsoft and Sony doing a lot better than Nintendo these days, Nintendo hasn’t exactly been the popular choice for a favorite video game , and with the NX coming out, Nintendo could rise a lot in popularity… Or maybe not because everyone just sees Nintendo as those guys who make little kid’s games. For the most part, I’m glad Nintendo’s growing, but there’s still a small part of me that wants to keep Nintendo as a special thing for us Nintendo fanboys.

Do you feel the same way about Pokemon GO? Please tell me in the comments below.


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