Treehouse Showing New RPG IP for 3DS Tomorrow!

Right when I thought I was done with updates for today, Nintendo decided to release the games being streamed tomorrow during the Nintendo Treehouse Live event. Among these games is some kind of new RPG IP for the 3DS. Now Nintendo did not specify if it was first or third party, but it’s clear the 3DS will not have a shortage of RPG’s this year. Who knows? Maybe it’s that new IP Retro Studios was rumored to be working on a while back.

Anyway, the Nintendo Treehouse Live event will start off at 10:00 PT, tomorrw with a Pokemon GO developer Q and A, and will end with Treehouse streams of games like Yo Kai Watch 2, Rhythm Heaven Megamix, Monster Hunter Generations, Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, Dragon Quest 11 and, everyone’s favorite, Paper Mario Color Splash. The secret new 3DS RPG IP will also be revealed during the stream, so watch out for that. Today’s Treehouse Live was a little disappointing, (Click here for my full thoughts) so I am very hopeful that the Treehouse can pull it together and make Wednesday’s show a great one!