E3.Nintendo.com’s Secret Zelda Treasure Hunt

I was on my My Nintendo account today, and I checked my notifications as usual. Among these notifications was a new mission titled “Find special Legend of Zelda icons hidden on E3.Nintendo.com”. So I went to the website, and only found one icon in the middle of all of Nintendo’s tweets. Trying to find the Legend of Zelda icons was actually pretty fun, even if I could only find one. This was a great way to use My Nintendo, and a great reward for those who signed up to receive notifications from Nintendo. I think My Nintendo can be a really cool thing to check more often if Nintendo gives you little surprises like this once in a while. You also get some Platinum Points for finding the icons, so why not go check your My Nintendo inbox and find some cool Zelda icons? You won’t regret it! You get free, virtual money!