Nintendo Treehouse Live: Worst Let’s Play EVER!

Now I was never one to care about E3 until last year. I really got into E3 mostly due to the great Treehouse Live streams with Super Mario Maker. They really showed what the game was capable of in a fun and entertaining manner, so I was more than ready to watch some Nintendo Treehouse members take on the new Legend of Zelda.

The stream started out with a Pokemon Sun and Moon developer interview that was more boring than anything, but then it then moved on to Zelda Breath of the Wild. The first and second segments were very entertaining, but then it kept going. I don’t remember at which segment it was, but after about the third segment, there was this lady that was so stinking annoying. Her voice made me cringe. Her comments were stupid, and her laugh made my ears bleed. She, honestly, ruined most of the segments just by her being there. Besides her, most of the other people just sounded boring. Now there were also a few people I loved on the Treehouse. Specifically, Bill, Chiko (I apologize in advance for my awful spelling of names) and Eric who almost saved the show with them all making the stream entertaining and fun. But the people who were bad… were bad. I’m looking at you Ed and Audrey!

Now this is just my opinion. You may have found them very entertaining, and that’s great. I wish they were as entertaining to me as they were to you. I guess the thing that really caught me off guard was when some girls from the Treehouse became obsessed with Link without a shirt on. At first it might have been a little funny, but they just didn’t let it die. They were probably wowing over Link’s belly for about a half hour! I mean what the heck?! There are most likely little girls watching, and they don’t need to learn to like guys with their shirts off! Sorry, I’m getting off track.

Overall, the Treehouse sucked this year with a few good segments in the mix. You’re better off just watching the trailers… or trailer. (There’s only one.)

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