My Week: Xenoblade and Starfox

Today, I wanted to write about two games I’d been playing recently: Starfox Zero and Xenoblade Chronicles X. I also wanted to write about a few other things, so I’m basically just writing about my experiences this week. Who knows? Maybe this whole “My Week” post will be a weekly thing I do on the website.

Starfox Zero

This game is so much fun so far. The levels look great and all feel different. I, oddly, even got used of the new controls within the first five minutes of playing. I had heard a lot of people say that the controls in Starfox Zero were unreasonably difficult to get the hang of, but I didn’t experience this at all. Maybe I’m just a pro at video games or something… but probably not. Anyway, the controls are fun to use and easy to get the hang of. This is now my favorite game in the series. I’m just a little bummed at the absence of multiplayer. You win some you lose some I guess.

Xenoblade Chronicles X

I am literally addicted to this game. I love the giant, open world. I love the expansive battle system. I even love the overgrown potato Tatsu. I’m still at the beginning of the game, but boy am I impressed. Each environment feels alive with different creatures and plants. The game does have a pretty hit and miss soundtrack for me, but the great tunes are super great. It’s just mainly the tracks with vocals I’m not really into, and there are a lot of songs in this game that have vocals. All in all, I am loving this game to death, and I can’t wait to play even further.

Gameplay Videos With Commentary Coming to Ninterd News?!

Recently, I’ve been trying to get some let’s play type videos to the blog. I’ve tried almost ten times already to get a video up of me playing the original Super Mario Bros., but with little success. For one, I don’t have a YouTube channel, so It’s hard to get the video on the blog in the first place. Another thing, is that my recording software (HitFilm 3 Express) is making corrupted video files after I complete editing a video. I’m thinking of starting a YouTube channel in early July to get some videos on my blog, but until then I can’t do much. If you have any ideas for recording software or how to upload a video to WordPress on the free plan without YouTube, please tell me in the comments. Thank you.