NX Coming in 2017, Zelda on NX and More!

Nintendo recently released their operating results for the past fiscal year which actually contains some pretty exciting news. First off, Zelda Wii U was confirmed to also release on the NX. We all expected this, so nothing too surprising there. The next bit of news is that Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing are both coming to mobile devices. Both these games are great choices to move to mobile. I can’t thing of any other Nintendo franchise more suited for a mobile platform than these two, and I think they’ll work marvelously on mobile. That’s it! No more news to cover! Bye!… … … …. I wish that was all.

With all great news must come bad news, and here is no exception. Nintendo also gave a release date for the NX as in March 2017. This is pretty disappointing considering most people were expecting it to come out in late this year, but that’s not even the worst part. Nintendo is delaying Zelda Wii U to come out with the NX version. I am so mad. When I heard all this news, I heard the NX release date news first, and I was happy about it coming out later than expected. That gave the Wii U owners Zelda Wii U a whole three months earlier than the NX owners. I thought this would make me feel like I got a Wii U, so I get Zelda first. Then, the NX owners have to wait a little while after to get the game, so us Wii U owners don’t feel gypped. Now Zelda Wii U is being released at the same time as the NX version. Talk about an emotional roller coaster.