Pocket Card Jockey First Impressions

Blending Solitaire and horse racing together is one of the craziest ideas in gaming history, but somehow Game Freak made it work. Pocket Card Jockey was announced in the last Nintendo direct a few months ago, and no one really knew what to think of it. Game Freak has since released a demo of the game which I had no intent on playing, but here I am now, making a post of my first impressions of the game.

Pocket Card Jockey starts out with an entertaining and somewhat charming intro of pure dialogue. Now when I play games, I am one to usually button-mash through text, but the dialogue in Pocket Card Jockey is so entertaining that I usually end up reading every word. Even the first few tutorials I went through were oozing with great and sometimes outright funny dialogue. Now I would go into the plot of the game a little, but it’s so absurdly amazing that I’d think you’d want to experience the awesomeness yourself. Basically, you want to ride a horse, so now you ride horses with the power of Solitaire.

I know what you’re thinking. “I don’t care about the stupid text or story. Why don’t you talk about the gameplay, Ninterd?! You’re such an idiot!” I’m glad you asked so politely! Pocket Card Jockey is a game in which you must match cards, Solitaire-style, in order to advance your horse to the front of the herd… er… What the heck is the word for a group of race horses? So I looked it up and I’m pretty sure it’s a string of horses. The more you know, right? (someone correct me if I’m wrong in the comments) Anyway, you play cards to get to the front of the string. As you progress through your game of Solitaire, you will be awarded with these energy points that can be used to plot your horses course or to raise your horse’s speed. After two rounds of card playing, you’ll get to the homestretch in which you take full control of your horse in order to take first place, but you can’t just mash the speed up button. Instead, Pocket Card Jockey has a stamina system where you have some cards (the amount based on your performance in the Solitaire portion) that will let your horse run faster. You cannot use these cards all at once if you want to win. Instead, you must find the perfect times to use your boost in order to catch up to first.

Pocket Card Jockey also has a level up system with raising stats for your horse, but I haven’t played enough to know the impact your stats have on the gameplay. This demo also lets you save your progress, and transfer that data to your main game when the full version comes out. It is expected to arrive in early May if the European release date is anything to go by, but no official date has been confirmed for the North American release.

Overall, I had a ton of fun with this game. The dialogue is fantastic and entertaining. The racing is fun and addictive, and some other third thing made this game a complete gem to play. As for the full game, only time will tell. Seriously, this game is amazing. You need to try the demo out for yourself. Now. Go download it. Grab your 3DS and get this fantastic game from the eShop.

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