Lost Reavers First Impressions

When I downloaded Lost Reavers to my Wii U, I thought it would be a decent free to play game that would help pass the time until Star Fox Zero. I didn’t expect it to be anything amazing, but I thought it would be fine for a free game. Were my expectations correct? Let’s find out.

When I started up the game, I was met with a credits-style cut-scene to show the story. All the text flew by so fast. I couldn’t read most of it before the text scrolled off the screen. What I could make out, was that the game takes place a while into the future where we have all drained our resources, and the only things that can help us are these ancient relics called “relics”. Real clever Namco. So we have been trained to find those relics, and are called the Lost Reavers… or something. The text honestly went by way to fast for me to read most of it, so I apologize for Namco being stupid, or me being a slow reader. The story doesn’t matter, but what does matter is the game itself.

After the quick intro to the story, you’ll start the tutorial. When in the tutorial, you’ll be exposed to the game’s sad truth. Lost Reavers is boring, at least to me anyway. The game’s pacing is more sluggish than a slug, and the controls are just awful. It takes forever for you to look around with the slow camera controls, and the shooting becomes just as slow as a result. The controls wouldn’t be as big of an issue if the game itself was interesting.

The gameplay is boring with you traveling room to room killing enemies or hacking computers to get to the next room. You find a relic at the end that you must bring back to the beginning, and then the level’s over. Rinse and repeat. Now this is an online multiplayer game (probably should’ve mentioned that sooner), so there are going to be some teamwork aspects to it. The only teamwork aspect I saw was having to cover the players hacking the computers. There is also a level up system and different weapons, but I didn’t… what’s the word? Care.

One of the game’s biggest downfalls is that it feels so generic. The graphics look ugly, the characters and enemies aren’t original in any way (Skeletons, zombies, ect.), and some other third thing. All in all, this game was a huge waste of space on my small Wii U hard drive. Seriously Nintendo, only 32 gigabytes? Microsoft’s giving out 500 gigabytes for fifty bucks more. C’mon Nintendo.


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  1. Sorry for such a depressing first impression. I just could not get into this game at all. I may have been a little too hard on the game with it only being the beta, but I really did find it to be rather boring. Maybe I’m just not really into the genre itself. Like I said, it’s a free game, so try it out for yourself, and tell me what you thought.

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