My Super Mario Maker Levels!

To find all my levels, click here, or find a few of my best levels below with links to them in the bookmark site. Also, my Nintendo Network ID name is Fogboy , so if you find his levels, you’ve found mine. Now just browse below to see some of my levels. Stars and comments are more than welcome.

Luigi’s Mansion U

In this fantastic Super Mario Maker level, you navigate through Luigi’s Mansion fighting ghosts, and solving a simple puzzle. A great 2D recreation. Click here to access the level on the bookmark site, or search the ID: B86B-0000-0024-9976

Super Metroid (Remake) +Ridley

In this awfully titled level, you relive the first few moments of Super Metroid, including the Ridley encounter, and race back to the beginning before the ship “blows up”. Click here to find the level on the bookmark site, or search the ID: 1FC3-0000-0024-66EF

SuperMassive Galaxy

In this level, I tried to recreate the supermassive galaxy from Super Mario Galaxy 2 in Super Mario Maker. I think I did a nice job, so I would recommend you check it out. Click here to find the level on the bookmark site, or search the ID: DF2A-0000-0127-1148


Got any great levels of your own? Post a link to them in the comments, and I might check them out. Don’t forget to like the post, and follow the blog. And remember to stay tuned to Ninterd News for more on Super Mario Maker, and more reviews, news and Nintendo coverage.