Miitomo Review

Nintendo has recently embarked on their journey into the mobile market with their new app Miitomo. Miitomo is a social app for ios and android that lets you answer questions, and then sends your answers to those questions to your friends. You know… if you have those. Now I know that sounds dumb on paper, but just give it a fair chance. Miitomo’s one of those games you have to try out for yourself, and then create your own opinion on the game. It’s not one of those games that is clearly good or bad. It’s just not for some people, and I get that. In my opinion, I think this game is great, and I’m going to tell you why in this review of Miitomo.

After a semi-long loading screen to update the game, Miitomo is super easy to start with you being able to easily sign in to a My Nintendo account through your Google+, Twitter, or Nintendo Network ID. After you sign in, you get to customize your very own Mii. The Mii creator is the exact same as they’ve had on the Wii U and 3DS, so it was a little disappointing to not have it expanded upon in Miitomo. This isn’t anything huge. It’s just a minor complaint that shouldn’t affect your enjoyment of the game at all. After you complete your Mii, you are able to customize your character’s name, voice and personality. Now it’s time to finally start the game.

After a charming introduction to your Mii, you go through a few quick tutorial questions that get you used to how the game works. After that, you’re free to do whatever you want. You can go to Miitomo Drop which is a kind of Badge Arcade style minigame in which you
must drop your Mii through a maze in order to get new clothing for your character. You can also go to Miifotos. Miifotos are cool photos you make with your Mii using text, different backrounds and stamps. You also have the option to share these Miifotos online to your friends or save them to your device. Or, if you want, there is always the option to answer some more questions. After you answer a few questions, you may realize that there is no filter to what you can say. It can be pretty entertaining to watch your Mii say whatever you dare put in its mouth, but what’s the point of Miitomo? What do you get for answering all those questions? I’m glad you asked.

For answering questions every day, you will receive Miitomo coins which can be used to purchase clothing in the shop. There are a lot of clothing options in this game. Despite this, I felt there was no real reason to get more clothing after you found a pair you liked. Because of this, I ended up having lots of extra Miitomo coins with nothing to spend them on. The Miitomo coins are also where the micro-transactions are present. Miitomo is very generous with these Miitomo coins, so there isn’t any real reason to buy any of these coins with your real money unless you just want to support the game. Every time you change clothes, you recieve more style points which raise your fashion level. And just guess what you get for raising your fashion level. You get more Miitomo coins that, like I said, I care little about. You also have a popularity level that is raised by getting hearts on your answers, but I haven’t received enough hearts to raise my level even once so…

Miitomo  is a lot of fun if you have some close friends connected. Starting out, it was just me and my sister, so it wasn’t very fun for very long. I think Miitomo is fantastic when you have a few people on it (more than two), but gets old within about a week if you only have one person or no people to compare answers with. When I got more people than just my sister on, that was when the game really shined.

Miitomo is a great, free app that I think everyone should try out. Even if you don’t have many friends to compare answers with, answering questions yourself can become fairly addicting in itself. The Miitomo coins felt pointless to me, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Other people might love to collect different outfits, and switch up their clothing a lot. Overall, I think Miitomo is a fun first go at the mobile market for Nintendo. If you have any interest in this app, download it now. It’s free. You have no excuse.

Oh yeah! You need internet to play this game, so if you don’t have an internet connection… sucks for you!


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