What Pokemon GO Needs to be Great

Yesterday, I blogged about all we know about Pokemon GO, so today I am going to talk about what Pokemon GO needs to be great.

First off, Pokemon GO needs to have great use of the camera. I don’t just want to see pokemon walking around the screen with the camera looking like a backdrop. I want them to actually walk around realistically. If there’s a wall in the way, the game needs to recognize that that’s a wall, and not let the pokemon walk over it. If there’s a boulder, the pokemon should disappear behind it, if it walks behind it. There also needs to be a good sense of depth perception. The pokemon should grow when you get closer, and shrink when you get further away.

Another thing I think this game needs, is it needs to feel like a game. It needs to have a great battle system, like all the other Pokemon games, and let you level up and teach new moves to your pokemon. This game can’t just be you walking around looking at pokemon. It has to be just as fun battling and catching pokemon as it is seeing them in the real world. I would not worry, though. I’m sure that battling and catching pokemon will be just as fun as its always been.

This game needs to make almost all pokemon semi-easily accessible. I would hate to finally get the game and then realize that all I can catch in my area are Dunsparses and Wurmples. I shouldn’t have to go to Canada just to get that Squirtle I’ve always wanted. They  have said that trading will be a big part of the game, but they really need to make sure that each region has cool pokemon that people will want to trade for. If all I can find are Wurmples, then no one’s going to trade with me. I know you can’t have every pokemon just given to you, but there needs to be decent opportunity to catch every pokemon.

Oh my gosh, this game keeps sounding better and better the more I think about it. I cant wait to see the finished product. With whatever the game is like, I’ll probably still have fun running around the forest looking for that Squirtle. I’m sorry I chose Charmander!

Have any questions? Leave a comment. I’ll be there waiting… and waiting cause no one ever even reads my blogs.



  1. Well today is your lucky day! I couldn’t agree with you more. Pokemon Go will really need to pull some rabbits out of the hat to make it the best it can be. I am sure everyone would prefer a fully functioning game complete with battle mechanics rather than just a aesthetically pleasing app that just projects Pokemon in your area. We shall see. I think everyone has big hopes for this one.

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