Pokemon GO: What We Know

Pokémon GO was announced a while ago, but there has been some extra news that wasn’t in the initial trailer, so today, I’m going to talk about everything we know about Pokémon GO.

The game’s first trailer showed us the basics of the game: Go outside battling and catching pokemon in the real world. This, on paper, sounds awesome, but how great will it really be?

If you watch the trailer, you don’t actually see the real game until the end, and when you do, its not Pokemon-GO-gameplay.pngfor very long. What you do see, is a pokemon in a field. This field is not from your camera, its a premade field presumably for catching and battling. This kind of sucks because this means you wont be able to battle in the real world using your camera. This is just pure speculation, but I think it will start out with you searching for pokemon with your camera. When you find a pokemon, it will change into the premade arena where you can battle it and catch it. You might be able to throw your pokeball at the pokemon at the end or something, but I think that’s as far as they’d go with the camera and seeing pokemon in the real world.

We also got some news via an interview with venturebeat.com. There were actually a lot of interesting details revealed in this interview. For example, it says that the region’s climate will determine which pokemon live there, so if you live in Alaska, you’ll find lots of ice pokemon. If you live on the coast, you’ll find lots of water pokemon. (ect.) Another cool thing, is that they said they would have gyms. John Hanke said “Gyms will be a bit more rare. You want to find gyms so you can level up your Pokémon and battle there, so it will take a little more effort to get there.” That’s really all he says, but that is confirmation of gyms in Pokémon GO.

With whatever route they take, I think Pokémon GO will be a fantastic game. How fantastic? Only time will tell.

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